Lithuanian Partisan Memorial – Kryžkalnis, Lithuania

In the architectural lighting of monuments, light dialogues with the shapes, volumes and materials of the architecture, enhancing their beauty and meanings. Accent lighting can be used not only for aesthetic purposes - to highlight architectural aspects and elements, but also to fill them with additional meanings and symbols. 
The lighting project of the Lithuanian Partisan Memorial in Kryžkalnis is an example of this: the scenographic light effects obtained with Arcluce floodlights and recessed luminaires for outdoor lighting not only make the monument visible in the darkness, enhancing its architecture, but they contribute to enhancing its meanings and message: the celebration of heroism and the commemoration of the deceased partisans.

Kryžkalnis Lithuanian Partisan Memorial was built to commemorate the 20.000 partisans who struggled against the Soviet Union occupation starting from 1944, deciding to sacrifice their lives for their country’s freedom.
This stunning memorial consists in a 25-metres-tall obelisk in the shape of a Lithuanian sword, a wall of remembrance with 20.000 surnames of the dead partisans, a square of honouring with the symbolic tomb of the unknown partisans and a chapel.
The sword stuck at the top of the hill, symbol of victory and liberation, is clearly visible to all travelling on the most important Lithuanian highway Vilnius-Klaipėda from dozens of kilometres away. The obelisk and the square of honouring with Lithuanian flags are enhanced by 6 Arcluce EQOS1 floodlights.
On the wall of remembrance there is a composition of 1.300 stained steel crosses of Vytis with the dead partisans’ surnames. When it gets dark the wall is illuminated by the symbolic red light provided by 37 installations of KRION-IN SHORT in RGBW version. 

EQOS1 is the high performance floodlight able to enhance architectural elements with its excellent lighting performance. 
KRION-IN SHORT is the ground recessed modular luminaire that enhances facades and architectures creating spectacular light paths.

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