House of Music and Music Theatre (MUMUTH) - Graz, Austria

The House of Music and Music Theatre (MUMUTH) was built specially for the Kunstuniversität, the University of Arts in Graz.

The spectacular design by the renowned Dutch architecture firm UNStudio is based on the winning project from an international competition, and is dominated by steel, concrete and glass in various combinations and superimpositions. In 2010 it was awarded the Fischer-von-Erlach Prize and the Urban Land Institute Award.

MUMUTH is a high-tech platform for artistic productions and cross-disciplinary events, promoting the development and opening up of the arts as well as scientific research, and represents an interface between university and society.

Arcluce took an active part in the definition of the external appearance of the modern and eye-catching building, which stands out in the classical architectural environment of the historic buildings, typical of the beautiful city center of Graz.

To illuminate the facade of this innovative venue of art and creativity, 60 pieces of Arcluce KRION in Performance+ version were used, all supplied in RGBW. Thanks to the high-quality lighting performance (featuring all Arcluce products), the wide range of beam types, elliptical and wall-washer optics and the variety of brackets, it was possible to create a unique lighting project, with spectacular light effects all over the building.

The stunning changing-colour facade reflects the wave motion that characterizes the twisting structure of the inside. The movement-based interior design of the building is perfectly completed by the flowing lights of the exterior, suggesting the presence of mysterious forces – just like music gives sound to essentially silent energies.

© / MUMUTH - Kunstuniversität Graz

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