Norwegian Coastal Express Museum - Stokmarknes, Norway

RGBW lighting solutions are suitable for multiple purposes: they emphasize the architectural details; they decorate the historic buildings and monuments of our cities, adding value to urban landscapes; they capture the attention and highlight commercial and business buildings; they create suggestive atmospheres, giving a scenographic effect. However, RGBW led lights must be balanced not to generate visual distress and light pollution. An example of an RGBW led solution harmoniously integrated within the context brings us to Northern Norway. 

In Stokmarknes, in the Vesterålen archipelago, there is the Norwegian Coastal Express Museum or Hurtigrutemuseet. The museum celebrates the history of the Hurtigruten shipping company, the fjord postal ferries that - every day since 1893 - sail along the Scandinavian country's coast between Bergen and Kirkenes carrying mail, goods, and, in recent years, tourists. The idea behind the project was to take one of the Hurtigruten fleet's flagship ships, the 1956 MS Finnmarken, relieve it from the harsh weather of the freezing Northern seas, and encapsulate it in a transparent boat shed, a glass and steel case that wraps it and preserves it over time. The construction is signed by the Oslo architecture studio LINK Arkitektur which designed and built, with Peab Norway, the iconic building. The museum opens to the east and west in two huge glass walls that expose the ship to the urban landscape and the sea: a gigantic landmark visible both from land and water. 

The lighting project involved the use of 39 Arcluce KRION RGBW which emphasizes the design of the architectural structure and, at the same time, highlights the surprising presence of the ship inside, the world's biggest museum artifact.

Arcluce KRION RGBW is the exterior and interior luminaire that combines remarkable performance and high versatility of use. The product design is linear and minimalist, available in multiple lengths to adapt to any application needed. The adjustable brackets allow to accurately direct the light beams. The optics are various: from medium to ultra-wide beam, from elliptical to wall-washer, all dimmable. The IP66 degree ensures the product is shielded against dust and jets of pressurized water. KRION short (IP67) and KRION-IN (IP67) recessed solutions are among all the available models.

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