Halterturm Castle

Location: Hainburg an der Donau, Austria

Arcluce MOTO floodlights have been used for the Haltertum Castle lighting project, required by the Emperor Enrich the III in the 1050, and keeper of an important piece of the country history.

Starting from 1975 an important restoration intervention gave back to the castle part of its original magnificence, turning the ancient ruins into a fascinating open theatre, place of concerts and different performances.

Lighting design project implied the creation of a natural and homogeneous lighting, able to enhance the location peculiarity. Trough a clever light trick, MOTO floodlights underline the massive walls and bastions, assuring a precise light and a perfect balance with the surrounding landscape.

These outdoor floodlights combine a powerful and linear illumination of light fluxes with a color temperature variety; the minimal structure and the essential shapes maximize the possibility to adapt MOTO to different architectural contexts and landscapes.

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