La Buona Bottega, Milan

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Chico Mendes Altromercato

Arcluce supplied adjustable spotlights, downlights and suspended-mount fittings for the lighting project of the new shop of Chico Mendes Altromercato non-profit organization in the center of Milan.

The new shop, La Buona Bottega, develops over an area of about 200 square meters and consists of an entrance with counter for greeting customers, a coffee bar area and a corner with shelving. State-of-the-art LED devices, allowing the illumination of products without overheating (which is fundamental for exposed food) and a correct lighting of all exposed goods with the best possible chromatic rendering, illuminate the whole shop.

JUNO suspended-mount luminaries, whose sleek design gives character to the environment, illuminate the entrance and the counter. DIMILANO100 10W trimless downlights have been used for shelving and shop-window display, and create anti-glare low power lighting effects to guarantee the visual comfort of customers. The FOBO adjustable spots, on DALI electrified track, illuminate the food products on the shelves and the walls behind the counter where breadbaskets are displayed.

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