Lighting Effects

Adjustable spotlight for electrified tracks for interior lighting, with a unique and elegant design. The light beam generated by high colour rendering and fully directional LEDs makes it suitable for functional and versatile lighting, customizable according to the needs of the lighting project; the aerodynamic, essential shape and the comfortable lighting make it suitable to integrate into any environment. Thanks to the application of the Professional LED, it is perfect for food lighting in the retail sector and to illuminate sensitive objects in museums and art galleries.

  • Elegant and resistant die-cast aluminium body and engineering plastic glass-holding ring
  • Multi-direction adjustement and positioning for full customisation of the illumination
  • Selection of colours to maximize adaptability to different environments
  • Assortment of optics with recessed sources (GC) to achieve different lighting effects and visual comfort
  • Professional LEDs (LED P.) specifically for food and sensitive products lighting
  • Available with cylindrical, sloped and with fins glare reducing visors 
  • Dimmerable through integral potentiometer to enable direct and effective light control

Ideal lighting solution for stores, shopping centers, exhibition and residential areas, show-rooms, museums, art galleries.

La Buona Bottega, Milan

Located in the centre of Milan, Buona Bottega is the new shop of “Chico Mendes Altromercato.

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Photography museum

Šiauliai Lithuania. The artworks are exclusively illuminated by LED fittings with 3000K color temperature.

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