Store Libreria concessionaria IPZS

Location: Milan, Italy

Arcluce supplied the modular systems RIGO30 and RIGO-IN30 and the HIGH SPOT-IN ceiling recessed luminaries to illuminate the dealership bookshop of the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, located in the heart of Milan.

For over 30 years the bookshop has been being a reference point for people fond on numismatics, collectors and fancy memorabilia lovers, and collects and distributes the most important mints in the world.

The recent project of renovation and enlargement, carried out by the architect Attilio Enos Garuti, has given a new and more modern aspect to the space. Arcluce installed RIGO30 and RIGO-IN30 on the ceilings and walls of the whole exposition room, drawings lines and light corners, specially configured to enhance elements variety and displayed colors. Exploiting a wide range of color temperature, these modular systems can customize the light effect and enhance every single detail. HIGH SPOT-IN ceiling recessed luminaries assure a pleasant and functional shop windows lighting, creating light beams able to draw attention to products, in a firm but comfortable way.

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