A modular system designed to create coordinated lighting effects for a range of suspension, ceiling or recessed applications. Due to linear and angular style, it is possible to create a variety of horizontal and vertical configurations that help make this the perfect accessory for a range of environments.

  • Elegant and resistant extruded aluminium body and die-cast zamak caps
  • Clear, opal polycarbonate and opal PMMA to ensure light customisation
  • glare control optics to ensure lighting effects and visual comfort
  • Assorted optics available with direct, indirect and wall-washer beams to achieve different effects
  • Selection of colours and colour temperatures to ensure adaptability to different environments
  • Usable with BLE technology to enable remote control

Ideal solution to illuminate stores, shopping malls, offices and hospitality

Criteo Business Office, Milan

A historical Milan courtyard has been submitted to a renovation and requalification project to be used as commercial location with offices and business studios

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Store Libreria concessionaria IPZS

For more than 30 years numismatics addicted, collectors and refined accessories lovers in Milan can count on a huge reference.

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