Lyngården Business Center - Trondheim, Norway

The façade lighting of Lyngården business center, in Norway, enhances the surroundings thanks to the scenographic light effects created with Arcluce lighting solutions.

The name Lyngården translates to something like ‘the lightning building’: this name refers to the zigzag outline which can be seen from above, but also to the spectacular change-color façade lighting. 
Lyngården is the modern office building in Trondheim, hosting employees from several companies such as SpareBank1, Microchip Technology and NCC, among others. 
KLP Eiendom real estate management company has commissioned a modern and energy efficient building with a clear green profile: Lyngården is BREEAM-Nor certified and complies with the requirements of the Passive House Standard, which means that it uses little energy for heating and lighting compared to ordinary buildings.
At the same time, Lyngården was conceived as a signal building at Omkjøringsveien / E6 motorway at Moholt, that is why Pir II architects came up with an eye-catching facade: a combination of aluminum and composite panels as wall cladding, together with the colored triangular screens by the windows and the stunning lighting project carried out by Glamox with Arcluce luminaires, allowed the creation of a real “wow effect”. 

The play of colors on the facade of Lyngården not only vary with sun angle and air temperature, it can also be directed with NADIR RGBW floodlights that are mounted on poles along the façade. The color of the façade changes according to the temperature – blue when it is cold and red when it is warm, and to special occasions such as Gay Pride Day and the Pink Bow campaign.
PANTHEON2 floodlights and SOUL180 bollards were the urban lighting solutions selected to enhance the exterior areas of the business center: their elegant design is the perfect complement to the contemporary, industrial style of the building. SOUL180 bollards create suggestive light paths with high visual comfort, pole-top mounted PANTHEON2 floodlights provide an extremely powerful and soft illumination; moreover, their peculiar pole attachment allows to adjust the roto-symmetric floodlights directing the beams according to the desired light effects. 

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