Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils

Location: Daugavpils, Latvia

Arcluce supplied fittings to illuminate the interiors of the cultural and arty centre of Daugavpils, a Latvian town, a 2000 square meters space where International and temporary exhibitions of Latvian artists take place.

The exhibition centre is internally staged by the Daugavpils fortress arsenal, a place where history and contemporary art live together, creating unique spaces.

To enhance the location exclusivity, the lighting scheme has been developed by using both LED and traditional fittings.

The MODAL2 electrified track luminaries, characterized by a 4200K color temperature, illuminate artworks in different materials and have been used to illuminate all artworks of the exhibition path. The fortress outdoor spaces have been enhanced by the installation of the stylish recessed floor fitting KRIO, with a diffuse beam from the bottom. The entrance of the Rothko permanent exhibition, instead, is illuminated by ELLIS facade fittings that, with an elegant design and clean lines, are effortlessly integrated into the building.

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