Location: The Barnum, Nottingham - UK

Named after the trains that ran between Nottingham and London in Victorian times, the Barnum stands near the railway station and is one of the city's most recent urban developments. The building houses 348 residential units and is 10 floors high, forming part of a project to redevelop the southern part of the urban area with the aim of bringing young people back into the neighborhood.

Our partner Kingfisher Lighting was commissioned to design a lighting system that would blend in with the architecture of the building, so a mix of downlight and wall-mounted luminaires was chosen. The outcome of the project is an updated lighting system with optimized light distribution and a strong scenic impact.

To ensure the right amount of light for the pedestrian walkways and the bus shelter, Kingfisher Lighting opted for the Arcluce RAY110 Short: this small but powerful downlight combines design and functionality. Ray110 short, which is ideal in contexts requiring maximum protection (IP67), was also selected because it is a valid alternative to potentially more invasive overhead lighting, which would have involved the risk of glaring at vehicles in city traffic.

Arcluce ELLIS1 was chosen instead for the façade lighting; this two-way appliqué (direct/indirect light) emphasizes the red brick façade and enhances it. Arcluce ELLIS1 is the luminaire designed for accent lighting and the enhancement of architectural details, creating sophisticated lighting with a pleasant visual impact.

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