Canada Water - London, United Kingdom

Light has the power to create spaces, accentuate and emphasize architecture. It gives value to the places, highlighting details and uniqueness of every urban space. With his infinite possibilities, light, defines and make urban spaces more welcoming.

Located in the heart of London, Canada Water is home to the capital’s latest regeneration scheme: Project Light. Focusing on human centricity, this renewed historic waterfront host plazas, walkways, sports facilities and a library, alongside a public landscaped garden. 
The illumination project was handle by the Kingfisher Lighting project team that selected a combination of low color temperatures and anti-glare luminaries to create a sophisticated, warm aesthetic atmosphere.

For the public landscaped garden, Kingfisher Lighting, selected the Arcluce GOTHIC180 bollard for its structured aesthetic that create a unique visual experience. With his square form, the GOTHIC180 bollard has been specially designed to funnel the light ‘down and out’ to create a low glare output that perfectly illuminates the ground with a warm 3000K light.

Thanks to the combination of ninety-nine three-way and four-way distribution bollard, the project team created a geometric design on the ground’s surface.
The GOTHIC180 bollard offer a wide range of color temperatures and optics, it’s perfect for customize any illumination project as garden lighting, public illumination or pedestrian walkways with his iconic gothic design.

A circular seating area surrounding the recreational space is also lined with Gothic bollards, while the inner circle is illuminated by the Italian built Thunder55 luminaires. Recessed into the benches throughout the area, these small, yet powerful fixtures provide the perfect distribution.

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