Corti di Baires, Milan

Location: Corti di Baires, Milan

Corti di Baires is an elegant residential and commercial complex located in one of Milan's most important shopping areas: Corso Buenos Aires.

Established in 1994 following the renovation of a series of buildings dating back to the early decades of the last century and equipped with large inner courtyards, Corti di Baires has recently seen the light again after years of neglect. In fact, during the early 2000s, the shopping complex suffered a slow decline that led to its final closure in 2010.

In 2019, the British fund Meyer Bergman, which purchased the property in 2015, decided to invest in the redevelopment project of the complex, both for the commercial areas located in the basement, ground floor and first floor, and for the residential areas and internal courtyards, developing about 160 flats on the upper floors with roof gardens, covering an area of about 25,000 square metres.

Arcluce is proud to have taken part in the project: MIKO Series was selected for the warm and elegant lighting of the courtyard spaces inside the complex.

The MIKO series, inspired by the simple yet elegant lines of the circle, is available in three different applications that allow for the creation of aesthetically coordinated projects with high visual comfort.

In its urban version, MIKO Grande illuminates the inner courtyard paths. The luminaire, with its minimalist lines, exploits the most modern technologies at the complete service of the cities of the future, for the greatest energy saving. It can be installed on walls by means of single or double pole mounting. For this project, the pole-head installation was chosen.

The bollard, selected in its 300 mm height variant it’s a pleasant source of light inside the hanging gardens. MIKO bollard provides a diffuse and homogenous illumination that does not produce glare or light pollution. The slender and light form of this bollard also adds a touch of elegance to the residential context in which it harmoniously integrates.

In its façade version, MIKO provides an elegant detail near the entrance areas of buildings. The radial indirect optic generates a soft, warm light effect on the surrounding wall, adding a scenic touch to the architecture in which it fits.

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