Kasteel de Haar - Haarzuilens, The Netherlands

Location: Kasteel de Haar - Haarzuilens, The Netherlands

Kasteel de Haar is the main attraction of Haarzuilens, a 500 inhabitants-village that lies about 10 km west from Utrecht.

Refurbished at the end of the 19th century to a design by architect Pierre Cuypers, who had already become famous for the Rijksmuseum and Amsterdam Central Station, Kasteel de Haar has regained its former glory after centuries of neglect, raids and ruins. The castle welcomes thousands of local and international visitors every year.

The castle's neo-Gothic architectural style, chosen to recall the original medieval structure, contrasts in a pleasant way with the subtle yet impactful design of the MIKO bollard, chosen by our Dutch partner ETK Licht to illuminate Kasteel de Haar's courtyards and gardens.

The park surrounding the castle extends over an area of more than 55 hectares and is criss-crossed by avenues and paths on which one can lose oneself for atmospheric outdoor walks. MIKO bollard provides a lighting solution that ensures no glare and no light pollution. With diffuse and homogeneous lighting, it enhances outdoor spaces by creating safe and functional paths of light.

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