Kaluma Store - San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples

Location: San Giorgio a Cremano, Naples

Architect Sabrina Salzano of Studio Esse Arch selected REWO spotlights to illuminate the Kaluma store in San Giorgio a Cremano.

Founded towards the end of the 10th century, the historic town in the province of Naples' capital city has seen steady industrial growth over the years: around the mid-1700s, the area's silk factories specialized in the production of shirts, both day and night, in order to meet the demands of the most fashionable nobles. By the early 1970s, the city's Trade Office recorded the presence of as many as 58 textile companies in the municipal area. Small businesses that were guardians of the ancient tailoring tradition, making thousands of shirts every day for the Italian and foreign markets. Even today, thanks to the passion of some artisans, the production of shirts and ties continues.

The lighting system of the Kaluma store was expertly studied and designed by Esse Arch studio to fully enhance the display of products. The model chosen by architect Salzano is REWO, the spotlight equipped with zoom optics that can be adjusted from 20° to 55°, allowing the light beam to be tightened or widened according to the changing needs of the store's layout. REWO's 90° adjustable body also allows maximum adaptability to the different lighting needs of the environment in which it is placed. The practical 220V electrified track installation then, facilitates even more freedom in positioning the spotlights.

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