Aura Town Centre - Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia

Location: Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Australia

Located in the very heart of the Sunshine Coast, Aura Town Centre is a large residential development set to house up to 50,000 residents. Its parks, bicycle and walking paths, public amenities and structures are perfectly integrated with the spectacular Australian landscape, giving to Aura’s community a full of life, vibrant atmosphere.

The elegant design and functionality of Arcluce technology enhance the shapes and colours of the surrounding countryside and architecture.

The lighting project included the following Arcluce products:

LUNIO7, featuring a unique, functional design and high-performance optics, is the ideal choice to light streets, bycicle paths and walkways with its properly directed light;

SOUL180 in the urban bollard version was the perfect solution to enhance the lush greenery of the surrounding parklands and to create charming lighting effects with its minimal lines and uniform light, obtained with the 3 LEDs of the upper optic.

Both were supplied in 3000K CCT, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Finally, MOTO and TITO floodlights in RGBW were widely used: thanks to their multiple optical solutions and the adjustable brackets which allow a complete 180° rotation, these applications are able to light facades, architectural and natural details in a charming and unespected way, making a crucial contribution to the explosion of colors that earned Aura the nickname of "City of Colour".

Credits: Advanced Lighting Technologies Australia inc.

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