San Donato Golf Resort & Spa - L'Aquila, Italy

The San Donato Golf Resort & Spa Hotel is an evocative location surrounded by the Abruzzo countryside, ideal to find wellness and relax. La Fonte Spa represents one of the most appreciated services by its guests: the relaxing atmosphere, together with the treatments and cutting-edge equipment, has therapeutic qualities and creates an exclusive experience.
The lighting design of such an environment can’t be left up to chance: light is essential to create the atmosphere and mood of a setting. The Hotel Management chose Arcluce expertise for the lighting project, requesting a solution capable of satisfying a double requirement: to create a relaxing, welcoming environment through light, using products that integrate seamlessly with the exclusive and minimal interior design. On the other hand, in environments such as turkish bath, scottish shower, salt cabin, ice cascade, etc. it was necessary to use products with a high degree of IP protection. 
The high-protection RAY25 and RAY55 recessed luminaires, despite being designed for outdoor applications, perfectly match these needs: they are IP68 certified, which means they offer excellent performance and ensure maximum resistance in environments exposed to high humidity or in full immersion; moreover, with their simple and elegant shape they are able to discreetly enhance locations with a modern and elegant design such as the Hotel San Donato Golf Resort & Spa.
Without sacrificing safety and practicality, the result of Arcluce lighting project is an emotional and impactful setting, where light effects are spectacular and relaxing at the same time. 

Products used

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