Lighting Effects
Ceiling or suspended downlight for indoor lighting, which can also be installed on electrified tracks, featuring a minimal, cylindrical shaped design (230mm diameter).
Its excellent light performance and the wide range of optics makes it a versatile solution, able to enhance different environments with a functional, comfortable lighting, specially when a powerful lighting effect is required.

  • High resistance die-cast aluminium body and spun aluminium cover 
  • High vacuum metallic polycarbonate reflectors
  • Upper PMMA screen or flush, polycarbonate screen to match all project requirements
  • Range of optics with controlled light emission (UGR<19), suitable for use with display screens
  • Professional LEDs (LED P.) specifically for food and sensitive products lighting
  • Available with BLE technology to enable remote control

Ideal solution for hospitality, stores, offices, workstations and residential areas.