Criteo Business Office, Milan

Location: Milan, Italy

Client: Criteo

Architect: Mara Brozzi

Arcluce products have been used to illuminate the new Milanese offices of Criteo, a global leader in commerce marketing.

The offices are located inside an ancient courtyard and are characterized by large and airy spaces, where modern furnishings blend seamlessly in with the original features of the building, such as the vaulted brick ceiling on the ground floor.

Arcluce provided the RIGO31 modular systems with direct/indirect light, mounted on two continuous 15-meter suspended lines. This way, the ceiling is left free in its central part, thus giving more visibility to the brick vaults and meeting the client’s requirements in terms of brightness and light uniformity to guarantee the highest visual comfort. The use of RIGO31 also allowed reducing energy consumption from 2.4kw to about 1.3kw.

The use of two-way illumination devices produces both an indirect light to enhance the architectural features and create diffused lighting in the room, and a direct light on desks and working areas, with lower power usage and UGR<19.

Products used

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