Anfield, Liverpool - England

Location: Anfield - Liverpool, United Kingdom

Built in 1884, Anfield is the seventh largest stadium in England. Originally home to Everton, the grounds became home to Liverpool FC in 1892.

Our partner Kingfisher Lighting was involved with designing a new lighting scheme, with the aim of upgrading the site to state-of-the-art LED technology, specifically for illuminating the building perimeters, public walkways within the site, as well as the carpark.

The combination of architectural lighting, area and street lighting has precisely helped to bring light to the exterior of the stadium. The new and improved installation reduce costs, save energy, and improve the overall efficiency within the site, as well as creating a safe and visual experience for people visiting the ground.

Kingfisher Lighting chose KRION-IN Short and LINEA-IN recessed fittings to illuminate the steps to the entrance of the stadium to ensure a functional but also elegant illumination. Thanks to their excellent lighting performance, high versatility of use, high resistance due to its AISI 316L stainless steel structure combined to a minimalist linear design, these two luminaires integrate seamlessly into any architecture. They are also available with Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable remote control and allow an architectural illumination of wide passageways.

PANTHEON2, a high-performance architectural flood light was selected to emphasize the features of the building as well as the surrounding area. As Kingfisher Lighting stated “We chose Pantheon due to its unique look and powerful light output.” PANTHEON2 is a roto-symmetric floodlight combining powerful LED sources with a remarkable variety of optics: it ensures powerful and comfortable illumination together with the possibility of creating spectacular light effects. What is more, the separation between the wiring compartment and the LED sources avoids the heating of the optical units extending their useful life. As in the case of KRION-IN Short and LINEA-IN, also PANTHEON2 is available with Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable remote control.

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