Regenstrief – IUPUI

Location: Indianapolis, U.S.A.

The Regenstrief Institute is a 25-year old internationally recognized healthcare research foundation located on the Indiana University School of Medicine campus. Dedicated to the study and improvement of health, the institute offers outstanding education and training opportunities to thousands of students and is attended by numerous experts and authorities.

In the context of a decoration and improvement project, carried out by White Design Studio from Cincinnati, and thanks to a partnership with Specified Lighting Systems, Arcluce entered the campus with its products.

Twelve INGROUND 260 installations have been placed to illuminate a decorative work that stands out in the gardens. The recessed fixtures, with 260mm diameter stainless steel frame and LED technology, were positioned at the base of the structure to give it a pleasant and slender appearance, enhancing designers creativity.

As well as buildings and venues, all architectural works need a functional and architectural illumination. Arcluce INGROUND 260 provides natural illumination, avoiding lighting pollution. Plus, it can be walked and driven over and, thanks to a wide range of beams, strongly increases details elegance.

Credits: Specified Lighting Systems, Indianapolis, IN

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