Kuramathi Island Resort, Maldive

Location: Rasdhoo, Maldive

Arcluce THUNDER25 recessed wall-mounted luminaires illuminate one of the entrance stairways of the Kuramathi Island Resort in the Maldives.

The resort, located in the Rasdhoo atoll, consists of 360 design villas and various bars and restaurants in addition to a wide range of recreational facilities, such as beauty spas and tennis courts. The stairways leading to restaurants are a key architectural element of this resort and contribute to the creation of a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.

The THUNDER25 fittings, of low power mono-directional optic, have been used as step lights for a diffuse light, giving the stairways an elegant and unique style. The material and the high protection degree (IP68) of this device are suitable for installation in windy and marine landscapes, as well as eventual submersions.

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