Tunable White

Tunable white enables users to adjust the color temperature of white light to any value among 2.500K and 7.000K.

Arcluce Tunable White solution simulates natural daylight and can adapt to personal and setting requirements.

HCL (Human Centric Lighting) is a type of lighting aimed to match light characteristics with human circadian rhythms. Human Centric Lighting solutions basically focus on people and their needs for light.

RIGO50 Tunable White dims warm and cool white light and light intensity so that you can reproduce the hue of sunlight throughout the day, such as a warmer light in the morning and colder light on midday. The system is precalibrated at the factory and can be used immediately without any further adjustment. On the other hand, the user can easily set RIGO’s dim level and color temperature at any moment via its wall-mounted switch or via a dedicated app.

RIGO50 Tunable White has been conceived to bring visual, biological and emotional benefits to the users in their daily activities. In every situation, people can experience the most natural background for their activities; with the right color temperature and illumination, it is possible to feel comfortable despite artificial lighting, whether you are working in an office, studying at school or resting in a room.

According to the last studies on HCL, in an office or in a factory it could lead to behavior changes and benefits in terms of productivity, sickness days, and staff retention. In classrooms, it can improve students' concentration levels and cognitive performance depending on the activity. These are only some examples of the advantages of using RIGO50 Tunable White, which brings all the benefits of HCL.

Arcluce, how the temperature of light changes during the day