Arcluce in the Museum

The lighting in the museum should balance the needs of both visitors and museum management.

When it comes to the illumination of artwork the light plays a vital role in setting the scene and mood for the visitors both visually and emotionally.

The right choice and position of the fittings can create a harmonious link between the visitor’s experience with each piece of artwork and the free movement around the space without obstructing the illumination of other pieces. The lighting in the museum should balance the needs of both visitors and museum management. From one perspective, the main aim is enjoying the artwork with the best visual comfort and to be effortlessly guided around the spaces. From the side of museum management, the lighting needs to fulfil a variety of objectives, including the complete coverage of illumination in different areas of the space, the preservation of exposed objects and lighting efficiency system.

The illumination of the museum creates a pathway leading the visitors on a journey starting from outside and all the way through the exhibition. A dedicated lighting scheme moves through the interior spaces such as aisles, crossing zones, meeting areas, book and gift shop, bar and relaxation areas, giving more light when needed while taking into consideration health and safety as well as creating the correct ambiance for each area. The exhibition rooms need to highlight the specific artwork and open up to draw the attention to viewing larger areas.

FOBO is an adjustable spot on a track made of die-cast aluminium. The use of professional LEDs with individual museum colour rendering index would best create the right environment for specific artwork. FOBO has both a diffused beam for wide, yet soft illumination and a narrow beam in order to create a focussed feature.

TITO25 floodlight, originally created for exterior, could be installed in the museum with ad-hoc LED.

In the Pompei and Europe Exhibition at Archaeological Museum of Naples, the illumination of these artworks with Arcluce floodlights aims to create the three-dimensional effect to the painting by enhancing the light and the artwork as the main focus, while keeping the fittings hidden.

Arcluce has a wide range of track luminaires to install in exhibition areas. FOBO, MODAL, OPERA, TITO, CORSO50 and CORSO100 are spotlights that can be applied on a track or wall with narrow, medium and wide optics for various kinds of illumination in the museum.

Arcluce lights up Pompei and Europe Exhibition at Archaeological Museum of Naples