The new concept dedicated to precious interiors and exteriors

Advanced technology, small size and minimal shapes come together into a new concept that plays with sources invisibility, bringing life to Napo. From the combination of these elements a delicate, diffused and homogeneous light arises, also ensured by ultra-wide optics and accentuated by its graceful design.

All features that, together with the appropriate sources power and the high IP and IK ratings, place Napo among Arcluce most relevant flagships.

Suitable for both interiors and exteriors, wall or ceiling-mounted, Napo is available with different power levels, depending on whether the scope is the research of an intense or less invasive illumination avoiding glare effect.
In the trimless version, the matt glass effect PMMA screen is visible causing a diffusion of the beam and enhancing the fitting.

Relying on a broad range of colour temperatures and the possibility to integrate with BLE technology to enable remote control, Napo finds its perfect location in refined hospitality or residential spaces, but also in spa centers and environments exposed to high humidity.

Arcluce Napo, available versions
Arcluce Napo, available colors