Elegance and versatility for a strong and accent illumination

Corso100 is a modular sistem designed for installation of trimless recessed modules, able to host different extractable and adjustable spots.

An aluminium structure with steel sheet cover and caps fitting independent optical units, specifically inteded to match every project requirements.

Thanks to various available lenghts and through the combination with elbow joints, Corso100 enables numerous installations, always creating harmony with the surroundings.

Arcluce - Corso100, integrated modular lighting system

Both classical black or, upon request, the refined white version put themselves up as an extremely wide modular solution, suitable to support a flexible lighting projecting.

Combined with associated spots, Corso100 ensures a mixture of functionality and design.
Thus representing an ideal solution to illuminate stores, showcases, commercial spaces, exhibtions, museums, but also places of worship and modern residential structures requiring modular and creative lighting.


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