Elegant and essential design for a no glaring light.

Among Arcluce suspension fittings we find VIZOR: this new product, characterized by an elegant design, decorates and enhances the environment. It has a particular attituded for the lighting of tables and desks: ideal for offices, retail and receptions.

The VIZOR optics are designed to ensure a high visual comfort. The direct and anti-glare optic is realized in black techno polymer with internal LED, in order to provide a clean and precise light; the indirect light coming from the upper part of the fitting is soft and discreet. The light emission can be remote controlled with Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

The driver is included with the product, in spite of the thin line. The body is in extruded aluminium, to ensure the maximum robustness. Simple suspension installation equipped with a steel cable 1,5 m long and a technopolymer cable cup.

Arcluce VIZOR, suspended luminaire with direct and indirect light

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