Quality downlight for a classy illumination

Designed to create low power light effects and glare control, DiMilano family is intended to be an original, captivating and extremely practical solution, suitable for a multitude of applications.

The whole range of downlighters is marked by small size, a notable variety of optics, with recessed sources or pinhole, and by the possibility to create flush or trim installations. A broad array of options that makes DiMilano an all-rounder player to produce an accent illumination.

Arcluce DiMilano, residential
Arcluce DiMilano, finishes
Arcluce DiMilano, retail

The key element, for both DiMilano100 and the more compact DiMilano60, is surely represented by the large variety of available optics, from recessed sources (GC) to prevent from glare effect, also adjustable, to pinhole versions, capable of generating symmetrical and asymmetrical beams.

A huge selction, even wider thanks to the combination of squared or rounded shapes and colours selection, very efficient in all the contexts requiring a distinguished lighting, such as musueums or modern and classy retail and residential spaces.