Elegant and minimal lighting, with attention to detail

Refined, versatile and carefully shaped. These elements mark dowlighter series Stilo, in which high performances extend to a broad array of powers, colour temperatures and finishings, allowing an impressive ductility in creating unique lighting solutions.

Both Stilo suspended and ceiling-mounted versions are able to describe different scenarios, equally ensuring plenty of options, particularly effective in retail contexts and also in hospitality and residential sector.

Arcluce Stile, hospitality
Arcluce Stilo, finishes
Arcluce Stilo, retail

Characterized by a pleasant aluminium cylindrical body, Stilo is capable to play with a wide range of otpics, from narrow to ultra-wide and anti-glare, always producing high colour rendering.

Thanks to its partially opal PMMA screen, it constantly guarantees a remarkable decorative effect, suitable to fit numerous environments and proving to be a multifaceted tool available to designers.


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