Customized illumination taking care of the details

Corso50 is a system designed to use interlocking modules, developed to create linear or angle installations, both recessed or ceiling mounted.

Available in trimless version or with frame, Corso50 is marked by a wide range of components and accessories intended to accomplish many different configurations, thus making it an extremely versatile element in every designer’s hands.

It's aluminium and steel sheet structure is able to host a system of tiny, extractable and adjustable spots, providing an ideal solution to create focused point of lights and capable to enhance details.

Arcluce Corso50, schema
Arcluce Corso50, retail

Corso50-spot is composed of three simple and harmonious spots, installed within a recessed channel on a unique structure. Each fitting may be independently positioned and rotated and, thanks to narrow or medium beams, always allowing an accurate and swiveling illumination.

All the different possible applications, recessed or ceiling-mounted, trimless or with frame, guarantee smooth adaptability to a variety of environments, proving to be particularly captivating in any case.


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