Lighting Effects

Ceiling recessed downlight for the functional and decorative illumination of indoor spaces; with its elegant design and pleasant, diffused lighting, this ceiling recessed luminaire is able to enhance different indoor environments. The quality and variety of the optics make it a versatile solution, ensuring visual comfort  in every architectural context.

  • Elegant and solid die-cast aluminium body and trim
  • Thermal-shock resistant tempered safety glass
  • Interchangeable aluminium reflectors to ensure high and variable lighting performances
  • Solutions and adjustments variety to match different requirements
  • Assortment of optics with controlled light emission (UGR<19), suitable for display screens
  • Wall-washer optics to enable a uniform illumination of showpieces
  • Available with BLE technology to enable remote control
Ideal solution for the illumination of shopping centers, offices, terminals, museums, theaters and exhibiting areas.