Modular lighting systems

RIGO51 Electrified Track

Lighting Effects

Design and versatility for accent lighting

In the electrified track version with spotlights, RIGO51 achieves the maximum versatility in terms of installation and light effects available; besides, this version is perfect to create elegant modular lighting systems. Featuring a minimal design and compatible with a wide range of luminaires and adjustable spotlights, it has a particular vocation for accent lighting, both functional and decorative, when light is used to enhance volumes, mark the space, highlight a particular area or object. RIGO51 allows the most creative lighting designers to come up with different configurations, which results in elegant lighting schemes, to be customized following the needs of the lighting project.

  • Design: With its linear, essential design and the different installations available, this elegant lighting system integrates seamlessly in any architecture. It is the ideal design detail for modern and minimal interiors.   
  • Versatility: Compatible with the following models: OPERA, MODAL1, CORE2/CORE3 ZOOM, CORE4, REWO1, REWO3, REWO3 ZOOM, FOBO1, FOBO2, DEMO230, ARA, JUNO. Hosting different luminaires and adjustable spotlights, it is the perfect solution when lighting needs can change in terms of orientation, power and beam of light.  
  • Available with Casambi and other control systems    
  • Application: Ideal lighting solution for commercial areas, museums, art galleries, retail, show-rooms, offices. 
  • Versions: It is available with ceiling mounted, suspended and recessed installation

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