Lighting Effects

In the suspended version, RIGO51 is an elegant and functional design detail, able to  decorate rooms with its elegance and enhance the environments with the high quality of its light. Featuring a wide versatility of use, it is an ideal solution for numeous interior lighting contexts with a particular vocation for environments featuring a modern interior design, where diffused lighting is at the complete service of people wellness; it is also perfect in functional lighting contexts, when light is used to mark volumes and delimit spaces.

  • Design: With its essential shape, this elegant pendant luminaire perfectly fits any type of architecture. It is the ideal design detail for modern interiors. 
  • Versatility: The wide range of optics, powers and color temperatures available allows the creation of numerous light effects: perfect for functional and decorative lighting of corridors and passageways, commercial and professional environments; in the versions with no-glare optics and indirect light, RIGO51 is able to enhance offices and private homes with diffused light, featuring a high visual comfort. It is available for single or in-line installations.
  • Available with Casambi and other control systems 
  • Applications: Ideal lighting solution for commercial and residential areas, offices and retail 
  • The product is supplied complete with all accessories for installation
  • Versions: RIGO51 is also available to create modular lighting systems: go to the Modular Systems section. RIGO51 range is also available in the recessed, ceiling, wall-mounted and electrified track versions.