Lighting Effects

Pole top luminaire for urban lighting, which combines a catchy shape to high performance optics, available in symmetric or asymmetric version for a variable orientation of the light. This luminaire maximizes the LED energy efficiency and optimizes consumptions thanks to the bi-power system, without producing light pollution. Its elegance and high resistance allow a perfect integration to every urban area, making it the ideal urban lighting for the illumination of cycle paths, squares, parks, avenues and pedestrian areas. It can be wall installed, on pole heads, or on single/double pole attachments, depending on the needs of the lighting project.

  • Elegant and resistant die-cast aluminium body 
  • Silicone rubber gaskets for high watertightness
  • Thermal shock resistant tempered glass screen, transparent or frosted  
  • Different colour temperatures to better fit every urban area
  • Bi-power system to design and optimize power and consumption
Products available with Zhaga or Nema connection interface.
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