Lighting Effects

The ceiling-recessed downlight for general and functional lighting of interiors. The elegant design, the quality and variety of the optics ensure an uncommon versatility of use; the diffused, pleasant lighting is able to enhance any architectural environment. 

  • Simple and elegant design, that integrates seamlessly into any environment
  • Versatility: variety of optics from  flood to ultra-wide and wall-washer, with controlled light emission (UGR<19), suitable for display screens
  • Available with Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable remote control
  • Application: illumination of shopping centers, offices, terminals, museums, theaters and exhibiting areas.

recessed downlight for a functional and decorative lighting of interiors, with glass and symmetric optic
with glass - symmetric


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0363076A-840-11 ultra wide flood 81° 59W 4950lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 226mm 174mm
0363077A-840-11 ultra wide flood 81° 85W 6550lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 226mm 174mm