Ceiling luminaire application designed with a linear steel sheet structure and UV rays resistant polyester powder-coat which suitable for a variety of interior applications.

  • Elegant and resistant steel sheet body
  • Polyester powder paint resistant to UV rays
  • Wide range of colour temperatures to ensure adaptability to projects requirements
  • LED driver with 3h emergency option

Ideal solution for lighting schools, offices and professional environments.

THETA performance UGR<16
performance UGR<16


LED Color



Code Optik Watt Lumen CCT CRI Verkabelung A B C UGR
0247001A-830-11 very wide flood 72°x66° 18W 1450lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 155mm 68mm 611mm <16
0247002A-830-11 very wide flood 72°x66° 34W 2900lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 155mm 68mm 1177mm <16
0247003A-830-11 very wide flood 72°x66° 52W 4350lm 3000K 80 ON/OFF 155mm 68mm 1737mm <16