Lighting Effects

Suspended or ceiling-mounted high-bay luminaire for both indoor and outdoor lighting, featuring a modern and compact design.
This high-bay luminaire was specifically created to fit with architectures requiring a powerful but discreet illumination: it is provided with a comfort optic, with recessed source, in order to avoid direct glare. Minimal design and advanced optical technology make it an eclectic element in the service of any internal and external environment. Furthermore, the IP66 high protection degree makes it suitable for installations in the most critical environments.
Optics and temperatures variety ensures the maximum customization of light effects.

  • Die-cast aluminium body, trim and cable cup combining elegance and stability
  • Silicone gaskets guarantee high watertightness in order to maintain the IP rating
  • Thermal-shock resistant tempered glass screen
  • Available with Bluetooth Low Energy technology to enable remote control

Ideal lighting solution for shops, hotels, restaurants, kitchens, retail, exhibition areas, porches, stations, railway platforms and ticket offices.
INTIS can be suspended or ceiling-mounted.

INTIS ceiling


LED Color



Code Optics Watt Lumen CCT CRI Wiring A B C
0258017A-840-21 narrow 11° 20W 2000lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258013A-840-21 narrow 11° 27W 2750lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258015A-840-21 narrow 11° 35W 3300lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258018A-840-21 flood 38° 20W 1850lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258008A-840-21 flood 38° 27W 2450lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258012A-840-21 flood 38° 35W 2950lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258019A-840-21 very wide flood 65° 20W 1750lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258016A-840-21 very wide flood 65° 27W 2200lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm
0258014A-840-21 very wide flood 65° 35W 2700lm 4000K 80 ON/OFF 211mm 220mm

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