Corte dei Papi

Relais La Corte Dei Papi is an ancient country house in the Tuscan countryside dating back to 1700, full of history and tradition. Always belonged, from generation to generation, by the Papi family, it has been recently restored and converted into a luxury hotel with restaurant and spa.
From a lighting point of view the client expressed the need to enhance the beauty of the typical eighteenth-century elements of neoclassical architecture of the exterior facade of the house with spectacular ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Studio Notarile SG&A

A wide terrace in the center of Milan is certainly out of ordinary.

This space, created by Marietta Strasoldo Garden Designer and accurately illuminated by Arcluce in collaboration with Progress Elettrotecnica, is the terrace of the SG&A notarial studio, but for its beauty and welcome it could be easily used as location for events.

The wide ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Ponte di Vagli

Vagli is a pedestrian suspension bridge stretching across Lake Vagli.

The 140-metre-long bridge is held in place by two steel pillars, which are ground-anchored by deep-tie rods positioned on either side of the lake. All fittings are exclusively energy efficient LEDs and have casings with a double layer of polyester powder coating resistant to corrosion and salt spray, and ideal for outdoor and ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Exhibition Pompei and Europe

The exhibition “Pompei e l’Europa”, a big exhibition created to tell the story of the Vesuvian city, has been held in the National Archeological Museum of Naples.


This ambitious project was curated for lovers of archeology, history, architecture and literature to tell the story of Pompei from the beginning of excavation works in 1748 to the dramatic bombing of 1943.


Illuminating a painting is not a simple action as the aim is ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Moholt Student Village

Moholt student village is Trondheim's largest student village. Moholt is renowned for a large, social and international student milieu. A real village into the city, where several buildings are mixed with pleasant green spaces.


The whole external area is illuminated by Arcluce. Many PANTHEON2 floodlights installations are placed to cover different areas, such as streets, public spaces and parks.


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