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Fittings made of aluminum, characterized by two harmonic body parts: the base, which allows for a rock-solid stability in the ground, and the optical part, which proposes different illuminations options.


A bollard featuring a unique, square-shaped design, whose slender lines and acute angles - in spite of their modernity - remind of Gothic style, thus representing the ideal solution for classical and modern architectural styles alike. 


KLOU has been conceived to comply to the highest safety standards and to provide a professional lighting solution for residential and architectural lighting. Its body, featuring high IK rating, protects all the fragile elements of the optics (light source, reflector, diffuser) from any external mechanical impacts, including acts of vandalism, while its unique design, clean and geometrical, allows to integrate it easily in any architectural context. The different optics - radial 360°, one-way 180° or two-ways - have been carefully studied to achieve a perfect control of the beam: the light slides smoothly from the source on the even planes of the fitting, grazing on the floor and avoiding any glare effect at the eyes level. 


KUBIX represents an ideal solution for outdoor architectural lighting, whenever original design needs to go hand in hand with a wide variety of lighting technical solutions and full compliance with high safety standards. Its unmistakable square-shaped design and the possibility to install a coloured glass on top of the appliance give this bollard an outstanding decorative value. 

soul 180

Designed to illuminate promenade and exterior residential or institutional areas, SOUL180 has a simple and modern design, and could be included in any kind of architectural context.

Characterized by an aluminium robust structure designed to install 3LED inside it, it offers a radial optic.


Elegance and simplicity combine in QUADRIO giving birth to a perfect luminaire for ornamental lighting of public areas such as squares, gardens and pedestrian zones. There are two types of optics available: in LED and fluorescent lamps version the light is softly diffused through an opal screen, in LED and metal halide version the light source is positioned inside the head and appropriately oriented to lighten the surrounding environment. In this way, the decorative value of light perfectly combines with high performances and efficiency in the lighting of urban areas. 


Fittings completely made of die-cast aluminum, characterized by harmonious two parts of the body: the base, which allows for a rock-solid stability on the ground, and the optical part, which has different variations of illumination. The wide range of solutions includes different heights of the bollard up to 1 meter above the ground, a high IK degree able to protect the light source from act of vandalism and numerous optical solutions ranging from radial to one-way and two-way illumination; these features allow a product integration in environments such as residential lighting, architectural environments and medieval squares.

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