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Elegant and minimal design makes Arcluce recessed wall-mounted luminaires an ideal solution for promenades, stairs and private walkways.


Recessed wall frame with aluminum or steel can set a tempered safety glass resistant to thermal shock or a polycarbonate screen that protects the optical part of the product. Exclusively LED with power ratings from 36 to 40W, ASTOR has two different optical scattering and asymmetrical. 


Recessed wall high protection square. Polycarbonate diffuser, ribbed and sanded on the inside to reduce glare, smooth outside for easier cleaning, or tempered glass resistant to thermal shock. 


The research of pure light is like the North Star for those who dedicate themselves to the design of fittings for architectural lighting. The light creates, emphasizes and underlines the architectonic details, while the material shapes are often a superfluous and intrusive element. This is why ARCLUCE designed KRIO, a full-light wall recessed and walk-over floor recessed fixture for high or low intensity LED only. This innovative concept of lighting allows the installation of several fittings in continuous lines, in order to create uninterrupted light routes of variable length on the ground or into the wall. Its thin and net line makes KRIO particularly fit to highlight and point out paths; moreover, it can be installed in front of walls to obtain a wall-washer light effect. The RGB LED chromatic qualities allow to combine the colours suitable to each different environment. Thanks to its high IP67 protection degree, KRIO LED is perfect for outdoor applications.


Recessed wall mounted high protection rectangular, with thermoplastic body unbreakable, anti-yellowing V2 self-extinguishing, UV stabilized. 


Elegant and minimal design makes Arcluce recessed wall-mounted luminaires an ideal solution for promenades, stairs and private walkways. Sporting many optical solutions, ranging from narrow to wide beam, from mono-directional beam to radial beam, all THUNDER luminaires come in 5 different sizes allowing you to meet different architectural requirements. An accurate dimensional study allows you to naturally integrate the devices inside the supporting wall, thus giving birth to a spectacular and distinctive lighting effect.


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