Daugavpils Cultural Center

Daugavpils is a Latvian city famous for being the birthplace of Mark Rothko, prominent abstract expressionist during 50/60s in New York.

The contemporary art museum, integrated into the Daugavpils fortress is dedicated to the Latvian artist.Consisting of 2.000m2, the space also houses temporary exhibitions of contemporary Latvian art and international exhibits (such as Marc Chagall).

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Exhibition Pompei and Europe

The exhibition “Pompei e l’Europa”, a big exhibition created to tell the story of the Vesuvian city, has been held in the National Archeological Museum of Naples.


This ambitious project was curated for lovers of archeology, history, architecture and literature to tell the story of Pompei from the beginning of excavation works in 1748 to the dramatic bombing of 1943.


Illuminating a painting is not a simple action as the aim is ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Photography museum in city SIAULIAI Museum Lithuania - ŠIAULIŲ AUŠROS MUZIEJUS

Siauliai is the fourth biggest city in Lithuania, very close to its historic centre we could find the Fotografijos muziejus Šiaulių, that is one of the eight specialized units of the Šiaulių Aušros Muziejus.


Fotografijos muziejus Šiaulių was founded in 1973 and was one of the first specialized museums exclusively focused on photography in Europe.


It has a wide gallery exhibiting both domestic ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Halterturm Castle

Ordered by emperor Henry III, since 1050 Halterturm castle proudly dominates the beautiful village of Hainburg an der Donau, representing a piece of history of Austria.


Renovation began in 1975 giving the ruins the current captivating appearance, and making it a venue for outdoor concerts and teathrical events. For such location, a homogeneous and natural lighting is mandatory and Arcluce provided the answer to the specific requirements of the project.


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Moholt Student Village

Moholt student village is Trondheim's largest student village. Moholt is renowned for a large, social and international student milieu. A real village into the city, where several buildings are mixed with pleasant green spaces.


The whole external area is illuminated by Arcluce. Many PANTHEON2 floodlights installations are placed to cover different areas, such as streets, public spaces and parks.


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