Facade Fittings (Products for Outdoor lighting)

Facade fittings easily adapt to many types of applications, and harmoniously blend in with the environment in which they are inserted and with the architectural building we want to enhance.


ELLIS is a wall-mounting fitting for outdoor installations (suitable also for indoor, arcades, verandas etc), created to enhance the architectural structures through the light, emphasizing entrances, façades, columns, and any other architectural element requiring to be accentuated or underlined. Thanks to the elegant design, characterized by its elliptical line, discrete and not projecting, it can be integrated without abruptions or discontinuities in the architectural environment in which it is installed. 


EMPHASIS enhances the architectural structures and the forms integrating the environment to be illuminated. It is ideal for architectural lighting of entrances, facades and any element of environment you want to highlight. It is made ​​entirely of aluminum, it has a high degree of protection and can accommodate LED sources and discharge (high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps). 


Thanks to its minimal and elegant design, FILA is the ideal luminaire to light facades, cornices and pilaster strips as well as for industrial and business applications where excellent performance, high protection and insulation levels and easy maintenance are required. Fully watertight, this luminaire can be ceiling- or wallmounted by means of the many fixed and adjustable brackets available. 


Recessed wall shaped linear LED light sources. Tempered safety glass transparent or frosted glass, resistant to thermal shock, M16 cable gland for single entry of power cable, stainless steel external screws. It allows the installation of several devices in a continuous line to create paths of uninterrupted light of variable length without fixing screws at sight (the body unit is inserted in its casing by a spring, and easily removable with the suction cups used for the handling of glasses). 


TULA is a highly professional fitting exclusively dedicated to LEDs, specifically conceived to light facades and emphasize the architectural elements. Its compact and minimal design is a union between the soft and perfect shape of the circle and the sharp geometry of the parallelepiped. Thanks to the small dimensions and the wide range of available colors, TULA is suitable for several applications and - above all - to be integrated smoothly within the context in which it is inserted. In this way, the focus is only on the light effects, emphasized even more, while the fitting itself becomes almost invisible. 

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