Recessed Floor Fittings (Products for Outdoor lighting)

Walk-over and driven over inground uplight fittings with trim flush with ground or above ground.


Walk-over and drive-over inground uplight fittings characterised by advanced manufacture techniques. These light fittings, available in eight sizes, can be fitted with a wide range of optics symmetrical, asymmetrical, fixed or adjustable beam reflectors depending on different light engineering requirements. 



The research of pure light is like the North Star for those who dedicate themselves to the design of fittings for architectural lighting. The light creates, emphasizes and underlines the architectonic details, while the material shapes are often a superfluous and intrusive element. This is why ARCLUCE designed KRIO, a full-light walk-over recessed fixture for high or low intensity LED only.  


Recessed floor fitting displaying a plain and linear shape, made in extruded aluminium with side heads in die-cast aluminium, recessed box to be laid below ground level in galvanized steel and 8 mm-thick safety glass with a static load capacity up to 1.000 Kg. This appliance is available in three different recessed sizes, so that it may suit any specific requirement or setting. It houses LED sources and T5-series lamps with a G5 connection, 16 mm diameter and power ranging from 14W, 24W, 28W, 35W, 54W and 80W (symmetrical and asymmetrical optics). 


Recessed ground elegant steel frame with tempered glass resistant to thermal shock, which protects the LED light source; available in color temperatures from 3000 to 5000 K, with a power from 36 to 40W, allows the emission of different beams: narrow, medium, large, elliptical and wallwashers. Capable of supporting up to 1500 Kg static sedges, QUAD is ideal for walkways, yards of private homes and public parks and architectural attractions.


The series STONE is composed of a variety of fittings made of stainless steel or die-cast aluminum. The different diameter sizes, ranging from 25 to 260 mm, allow a versatile application of Arcluce solutions for drive-over and walk-over in ground recessed fixtures: outdoor walkways, avenues in villas or hotel entrances. Equipped with a high IK degree up to 10 and IP rating up to 68, the solution has excellent lighting performances to meet the many demands of the market with different optical solutions.


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