Research & Development



As a part of its R&D activities, ARCLUCE makes continuous investments to acquire reflector and optics prototypation and engineering tools. 



The in-house team develop new products that meet the essential requirements of safety in all conditions, energy saving and quality in time. Primary and secondary optics are designed in our company's plants using the most advanced and complete optical software programs. The design and development of lighting devices follow fully computerised processes. This guarantees continuous monitoring during the processing stages and enables data storage in accordance with the versatile programs applicable to the various frameworks.

ARCLUCE principle mainly consists in developing lighting solutions combining creativity and innovation. The R&D department of ARCLUCE is always studying and implementing new technologies and light sources (LED) paying special attention to energy saving and lighting equipment efficiency. 
Our research and development activities are at the core of this process: they are carried out inside the company by using modern laboratories equipped with goniophotometer (for studying optics) as well as with devices for the measurement of temperature and IP rating according to the EN6059 and EN60529 standards.


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