Gazoline Petrol Station

The design of a petrol station is strongly connected  to the idea of travelling, making a long-distance journey or even a short one, with a few stops along the way, to refuel or stretch your legs. The service station branches off the main road with no abrupt interruptions. The road is an asphalt ribbon rolling out before us and the engine sets everything to motion and creates a sort of bubble where  drivers may have a rest, before the ribbon unwinds again, leading ... [ Leggi tutto ]

LED requalification, S.Lucia

A multi-purpose commercial space entirely lit with LED. A former hotel near Arezzo has undergone a conversion resulting in different commercial areas and a fitness spa. The project is characterized by curious metal frame that provides both light and glare protection. This architectural element seems to be  a fine decorative element of the front thanks to the recessed floor and ceiling high power LED fittings, very small in diameter, which embellish the architectural ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Old First Bank

This beautiful Renaissance style building, is located right next to Shinsegae Department Store, and was completed in 1933 as a savings bank Choson. After the Liberation, it was used as the headquarters of the Korea First Bank, and it is now the Myeong-dong branch of Standard Chartered First Bank Korea. It 'was the first building built in Korea following a public offering of design, and the project was awarded to the architect Hirabayashi Kingkyo of Tokyo. The design and structure are designed ... [ Leggi tutto ]

La buona bottega Milano

Located in the centre of Milan, Buona Bottega is the new shop of “Chico Mendes Altromercato.” Since 1990, this non-profit organization has sold goods, clothing and cosmetics produced in Italy and abroad to both support local businesses and promote fair trade.


The 200sqm area features an entrance with counter for greeting customers and the shop is then divided into separate exhibition space and a coffee bar/bakery area.


The shop ... [ Leggi tutto ]


For more than 30 years numismatics addicted, collectors and refined accessories lovers in Milan can count on a huge reference.
A dedicated store, esclusive dealer for the Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato, located in the centre of the city, distribute coins manufactured by the most relevant mints from all over the world. Plus, the exhibition shows off notable italian brands merchandising and products collections.


Thanks to ... [ Leggi tutto ]

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