Corte dei Papi

Relais La Corte Dei Papi is an ancient country house in the Tuscan countryside dating back to 1700, full of history and tradition. Always belonged, from generation to generation, by the Papi family, it has been recently restored and converted into a luxury hotel with restaurant and spa.
From a lighting point of view the client expressed the need to enhance the beauty of the typical eighteenth-century elements of neoclassical architecture of the exterior facade of the house with spectacular ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Villa privata

The garden of this private country house in Singapore is TULA natural environment: thanks to its small size, it perfectly fits the surrounding environment.  The high light performance of this Arcluce product, which features only LED sources, contributes to the creation of the warm and friendly atmosphere of the patio.

The bidirectional version has been installed here; however, TULA is also available in the single-direction ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Restauro "Porta Romana"

Die Porta Romana oder Porta della Valle, erbaut um das Jahr 1100 v.C., ist alles, was von fünf Stadttoren übrig geblieben ist, die im Mittelalter nach Omegna führten. Sie hießen: Maggiore, Salera, Segnara, Castello und Valle. Dieses Stadttor war Ausgangspunkt einer Straße, die über die Antike Brücke  (Ponte Antico) in das Strona-Tal führte.

Für die Beleuchtung des Tores, das im August  2010 wieder rekonstruiert wurde, wurden zwei Arten von Beleuchtungskörpern ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Butcher Works

Das Butcher Works steht in der Arundel Street von Sheffield. Es ist ein Symbolgebäude im kulturellen Panorama der Industrie Sheffields. Die Anlage ist eine der wenigen noch erhaltenen Beispiele für Cutlery Works aus dem 19. Jahrhundert. Für die oberen Stockwerke wurden 51 Apartments entworfen. Im Erdgeschoss befinden sich hingegen um den Hof und um den alten Schornstein Geschäfte und Restaurants.

Das Gebäude ist eine alte Fabrik ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Ponte di Vagli

Vagli is a pedestrian suspension bridge stretching across Lake Vagli.

The 140-metre-long bridge is held in place by two steel pillars, which are ground-anchored by deep-tie rods positioned on either side of the lake. All fittings are exclusively energy efficient LEDs and have casings with a double layer of polyester powder coating resistant to corrosion and salt spray, and ideal for outdoor and ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Municipality Square

QUADRIO180 illuminates with discretion and rigor this city square, vital core of a characteristic town in the North-Eastern Europe. QUADRIO180, made of die-cast aluminium body with an extruded aluminium pole, is treated with a paint, which makes it resistant to bad weather and hostile climatic.

The radial illumination version with glass diffuser lets the upper part of the fitting completely open, and allows the luminaire not to be a barrier to the square ... [ Leggi tutto ]

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