Municipality Square

QUADRIO180 illuminates with discretion and rigor this city square, vital core of a characteristic town in the North-Eastern Europe. QUADRIO180, made of die-cast aluminium body with an extruded aluminium pole, is treated with a paint, which makes it resistant to bad weather and hostile climatic.

The radial illumination version with glass diffuser lets the upper part of the fitting completely open, and allows the luminaire not to be a barrier to the square ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Staup Helsehus

Levanger is a Norwegian municipality near to the famous UNESCO heritage fiords.


The municipality wanted to invest in the construction of a rehabilitation facility developed on an 8.000 sqm area in order to offer physical therapists, on-site doctors, technicians, nurses and other support. They aimed to create a place where patients are supported and looked after during their rehabilitation programme.


Lunio urban Street light fittings ... [ Leggi tutto ]

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