Gazoline Petrol Station

The design of a petrol station is strongly connected  to the idea of travelling, making a long-distance journey or even a short one, with a few stops along the way, to refuel or stretch your legs. The service station branches off the main road with no abrupt interruptions. The road is an asphalt ribbon rolling out before us and the engine sets everything to motion and creates a sort of bubble where  drivers may have a rest, before the ribbon unwinds again, leading ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Villa Puglia

QUADRIO is an outdoor decor lighting appliance, whose simple innovative design features square and block shapes. It provides an elegant as well as functional lighting solution for squares, avenues, waterfront, parks, housing estates and private gardens.
The product is available in two reflector types: the fluorescent-lamp version spreads a soft light through an opal screen, whereas the metal iodide version features a light source hidden in the head and suitably directed in ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Cambridge 101

Als der 1970 der Cambridge Science Park gegründet wurde, schuf er ein Stock von über 100 Firmen, die in der modernen wirtschaftlichen Forschung und Entwicklung tätig sind.

Der jüngste Teil des Wissenschaftsparks heißt 101 Cambridge. Es handelt sich dabei um einen hochspezialisierten Bürobereich. Über die zuständige Elektroinstallationsfirma Briggs & Forrester wurde der Arcluce-Handelsvertreter für das Vereinigte Königreich ... [ Leggi tutto ]


Founded in 1909, Rockwool International one of the global leaders in the insulation production industry. Their use of innovative eco-friendly stone wool panels, which promotes fire-safe and energy efficiency, offer perfect acoustic comfort in buildings.


The Klou-IK Bollard illuminate the access ways, parking area and the entrance of the Dutch headquarter.


Thanks to the high protection, IK10 rating, the fragile ... [ Leggi tutto ]

Staup Helsehus

Levanger is a Norwegian municipality near to the famous UNESCO heritage fiords.


The municipality wanted to invest in the construction of a rehabilitation facility developed on an 8.000 sqm area in order to offer physical therapists, on-site doctors, technicians, nurses and other support. They aimed to create a place where patients are supported and looked after during their rehabilitation programme.


Lunio urban Street light fittings ... [ Leggi tutto ]

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